Research Courses

Research Courses:

U ST 275X - Integrative Undergraduate Pre-Research Methods, Applications, and Communication Strategies

This course provides a "behind the scenes" look at how research is conducted at Iowa State while you draft applications to summer research programs across the nation. Participating in this class will giv eyou the chance to learn how you can prepare for careers in research, learn strategies for identifying mentors on campus, gain insight into national science scholarships, and apply to summer fellowships across the nation.

This course is designed specifically for students with little to no experience in research and will help you learn how you can earn money on campus by working as a research assistant or travel to new cities through summer undergraduate research programs.

BBMB 569 - Structural Bioinformatics
with Dr. Robert Jernigan and Guang Song

Methods of protein and nucleic acid computations on structures and sequences, mechanisms, and computations to infer mechanisms and understand allostery. Project-oriented course to learn how to perform computations/simulations on system of your choice to help you broaden your research

IND D 332 - Design Research Methods

Survey of qualitative and quantitative methods with an emphasis on contextual user-centered research. Integration of user data collection, visualization, and synthesis as a source for design. Experience of a small-scale research practice related to industrial design.

Additional research courses include major-specific 290 and 490 courses available through your major. Click on your college below to explore available courses:

Concurrent Degrees

For some students, engaging in undergraduate research may lead them to choose to work on their graduate degrees while still an undergraduate student at Iowa State. For more information on Concurrent Degree Programs, click here.