UR Ambassadors

Undergraduate Research Ambassadors support the Undergraduate Research Program in its efforts to provide critical research opportunities to students at Iowa State. Ambassadors speak to campus organizations and classes about undergraduate research events and initiatives, represent undergraduate research at major campus events such as WelcomeFest or Orientation, assist with undergraduate research events such as the Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creative expression, manage undergraduate research social media accounts, and serve as a liaison for students interested in getting involved in undergraduate research.

Sound like something you're interested in joining?

The eligibility requirements for UR Ambassadors are:

  • Full-time Iowa State student
  • GPA of at least 3.00
  • Have been involved with research for at least 2 semesters including a summer semester
  • Able to commit to a full academic year term
  • Demonstrate a willingness to learn more about undergraduate research programs and events
  • Effective public speaking and communication skills
  • Preferred: participation in an REU

If you're interested in developing your presentation and leadership skills, expanding your professional network, and helping support an undergraduate research initative at a Research One institution, UR Ambassadors are for you! Fill out the application below and send the reference link to your faculty mentor to apply.

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Our Undergraduate Research Ambassadors




Karine Holmes

Karine is a sophomore majoring in Meteorology and Geology. She began her research experience at Iowa State in the Stable Isotope Paleoenvironments Research lab during the first semester of her freshman year with Dr. Alan Wanamaker. She has now spent the past three years researching and working in the field of paleoclimatology, or the study of past climates, to give insight to future shifts using archives such as stalagmites and shells that preserve signals from the atmosphere and ocean thousands of years ago. She has contributed to projects using stalagmites from the Columbian Andes to constrain variable rainfall, Arctica islandica bivalves from Ingøy, Norway to trace North Atlantic water masses, and stalagmites from caves in Portugal to understand fluctuations in the Azores High. She is currently working with Columbia University to reconstruct the Eastern Equatorial Pacific water column to constrain variability in the ocean’s mean state by analyzing deep-sea sediment cores. 

Have a question about undergraduate research in Meteorology and Geology? Ask Karine!






Abigayle Moser

Abigayle is a Senior studying Aerospace Engineering at Iowa State University. She aspires to earn a PhD and continue to pursue a dynamic research career exploring the overlap of computational methods and renewable energy system modeling. Currently, Abigayle studies various issues pertinent to energy equity and techno-economic development, such as grid resiliency and energy resource assessments. Her research began early in her academic career through the First-Year Honors Mentor Program (FHMP), where she participated in experimental work in the Iowa State University Wind Tunnels. This soon led to several REUs through Purdue University and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory with diverse teams addressing the growing threat of climate change. Her research portfolio has become diverse through multiple projects dealing with data analytics, particle image velocimetry (PIV), and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Have a question about undergraduate research with Aerospace Engineering? Ask Abigayle!





Abigail Hammer

Andy is a senior majoring in Aerospace Engineering and minoring in Computer Science. Currently, they are researching contract theory in formal methods with Dr. Kristin Rozier in the Aerospace Department. They focus on analyzing and implementing requirements for computer systems into algorithms to prove that a system's model either fits its requirements or if there are errors present in the system.

Have a question about undergraduate research with Aerospace Engineering? Ask Andy!





Matthew Mehrtens

I am a sophomore in aerospace engineering, minoring in computer science and non-destructive evaluation. My research focus is computational fluid dynamic optimization, specifically with airfoils and aircraft. I enjoy philosophy, politics, and problem-solving, and will never shy away from a good-natured argument!

Have a question about undergraduate research in Aerospace Engineering? Ask Matthew!




Zoë DeKruif

Zoë is a sophomore majoring in Linguistics and minoring in Anthropology. She is currently working under Dr. Evgeny Chukharev-Hudilainen as an undergraduate research assistant, and aids in the study of process-focused advice to improve college students’ writing. Zoë plans to continue her involvement with this research and attend graduate school to further explore the field of applied linguistics.

Have a question about undergraduate research in Applied Linguistics? Ask Zoë!




Nathan Erickson

Nathan is a senior majoring in Meteorology, with minors in Economics and Geographic Information Systems. He began his research career at Iowa State as part of the First-Year Honors Mentor Program, where he worked under Dr. William Gallus to develop a climatology of tornadic thunderstorms in the United States. Since then, he has worked on projects relating to quantitative precipitation forecasting, changes in extreme precipitation in the Missouri River Valley due to climate change, and future projections of the El Niño Southern Oscillation. He also participated in an REU with the University of Oklahoma, which involved performing stratified verification of machine learning forecasts for convective weather models. In the long term, Nathan plans to pursue a Ph.D. by researching large-eddy simulations in the framework of climate/earth-system models.

Have a question about undergraduate research in Meteorology? Ask Nathan!




Daniel Howell

Daniel is a sophomore majoring in Chemistry with minors in Biochemistry and Spanish. During the spring semester of his freshman year, he began undergraduate research with Dr. Wenyu Huang’s group in the Chemistry department, where he worked with spinel oxide catalysts for industrially important gas-phase reactions. He then had a summer research and development internship with Kemin Industries, in which he worked with antioxidants for pet food. He is currently doing research with the Huang group again where he is involved in a plastic upcycling project. Daniel plans to attend graduate school, earn a Ph.D., and have a career in research.

Have a question about undergraduate research in Chemistry? Ask Daniel!




Drew Daly

Drew is a Senior majoring in Industrial Design with a minor in Apparel, Merchandising, and Design. He is interested in designing products that benefit consumers while maintaining aesthetic integrity and having additional functionality. Some of his work has included designing home goods such as a more ergonomic curtain rod with an air-filtering curtain that has a 3D geometry pattern, to lampshades that are unique in design and project light patterns onto the surrounding environment, and to raingear, specifically in conceptualizing a new style of raincoats that pack away easier and do not use PFCs to waterproof the fabric. Currently, Drew is working on designing a gender-neutral fashion line that is inclusive to all people and teaching himself all the skills that come with developing garments.

Have a question about undergraduate research in Industrial Design? Ask Drew!





Victoria Kyveryga

Victoria is a second-year chemical engineering student. She is currently involved in inorganic materials chemistry research in Dr. Kirill Kovnir’s group (Department of Chemistry) and has had previous NSF-sponsored research stints in biorenewable chemical optimization (Center for Biorenewable Chemicals, Iowa State) and optical property characterization of nanocubes (Center for Dynamics and Control of Materials, UT Austin). Victoria’s plans after graduation include attending a chemical or materials engineering graduate program, and she hopes to find herself in a career that allows her to synthesize materials for efficient storage, transmittance, and conversion of energy. 

Have a question about undergraduate research with Chemical Engineering? Ask Victoria!




Henry Thomas

Henry is a sophomore majoring in Chemistry and Physics. He began his research with the first-year honors mentor program under Dr. Wenyu Huang and has been working in the Huang lab since then for two semesters. He does research on the synthesis of novel nanomaterials such as crystalline organic catalysts known as crystalline organic frameworks (COFs). He plans on attending graduate school, eventually earning a PhD and going into a career in research.

Have a question about undergraduate research in Chemistry or Physics? Ask Henry!







Kevin Beaghan

Kevin is a Junior studying Biochemistry and Mathematics. He aspires to go to medical school and become a Pediatric Surgeon. Currently, Kevin works as an undergrad research assistant to Dr. Marjory Rover in the Bioeconomy Institute where he analyzes different reactor-grade bio-oils to use as additives to diesel fuel.

Have a question about undergraduate research with Biochemistry? Ask Kevin!