UR Ambassadors

Undergraduate Research Ambassadors support the Undergraduate Research Program in its efforts to provide critical research opportunities to students at Iowa State. Ambassadors speak to campus organizations and classes about undergraduate research events and initiatives, represent undergraduate research at major campus events such as WelcomeFest or Orientation, assist with undergraduate research events such as the Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creative expression, manage undergraduate research social media accounts, and serve as a liaison for students interested in getting involved in undergraduate research.

Sound like something you're interested in joining?

The eligibility requirements for UR Ambassadors are:

  • Full-time Iowa State student
  • GPA of at least 3.00
  • Have completed at least 4 semesters at Iowa State
  • Have been involved with research for at least 2 semesters
  • Able to commit to a full academic year term
  • Demonstrate a willingness to learn more about undergraduate research programs and events
  • Effective public speaking and communication skills
  • Preferred: participation in an REU

If you're interested in developing your presentation and leadership skills, expanding your professional network, and helping support an undergraduate research initative at a Research One institution, UR Ambassadors are for you! Fill out the application below and send the reference link to your faculty mentor to apply.

Applications are due by 11:59 PM on September 30th.

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Our Undergraduate Research Ambassadors

Abigayle is a sophomore in Aerospace Engineering who has been a researcher since her first year at Iowa State through the First Year Honors Mentor Program. Her involvement in research began with Dr. Hui Hu and his team of graduate students in the Howe Hall wind tunnels. This soon lead to an REU through Purdue University and study abroad to Peru for research on renewable energy systems. Abigayle continues to focus on various aspects of renewable energy systems and aeromechanics by both leading and aiding in various projects.

Have a question about undergraduate research with Aerospace Engineering? Ask Abigayle!


Luke Goodman

Luke's involvement in undergraduate research began in summer 2017 when he volunteered as a field technician for Dr. Diane Debinski in Iowa State’s Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology. Since then, Luke has conducted three additional research projects, two being NSF funded Research Experience for Undergraduate programs at the University of South Dakota and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. His undergraduate research experience has now led to the pursuit of a PhD in Environmental Science and Policy with the goal of becoming a scientific advisor on a federal and United Nations level.

Have a question about undergraduate research in biology? Ask Luke!

Nicholas Bloome

Nicholas is a senior in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Environmental Studies. He has been involved in research with Dr. Cochran since freshman year, where he started through the First Year Honors Mentor Program. During his time in the lab, Nicholas has had the chance to work on a variety of projects to create polymers from bio-renewable feedstocks. Some of these include creating di-block copolymers to form micelles to be used in well construction and creating a naturally-derived binding polymer for the construction of asphalt.

Have a question about undergraduate research in Chemical Engineering or Environmental Studies? Ask Nicholas!

Emily Haberlack

Emily is a junior in Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, and Sociology. Her research experience at Iowa State began with the First Year Honors Mentor Program. Through that program, she was partnered with a professor in the Greenlee School of Journalism and Mass Communications. Now, she is establishing a literature review to identify knowledge gaps regarding the role of empathy in communication and to identify research priorities to advance the use of empathy-arousing persuasive messages for science, environmental, health, and risk communication.

Have a question about undergraduate research in Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, or Sociology? Ask Emily!

Nikita Kozak

Nikita is a junior in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. He works as an undergraduate researcher in the computational fluid-structure interaction laboratory as well as a collaborator for the US Army turbomachinery research team. His current projects include a computational study of futuristic turbomachinery engine design and an investigation into a sophisticated optimization method. In the past, he has also conducted research on the development and implementation of novel computational methods for a finite element code modeling wind turbine aerodynamics.

Have a question about undergraduate research in Mechnical Engineering or Math? Ask Nikita!

Madison Perry

Madison is a junior majoring in Animal Ecology and minoring in Chemistry. She conducts research in the EEOB department with Dr. Kevin Roe, where she runs PCR and gel electrophoresis on DNA samples to analyze differences in species of desert fish called Gambusia. In the past, she has helped analyze these fish based on physical appearances and worked in a limnology lab with the Large Lakes Observatory at University of Minnesota Duluth.

Have a question about undergraduate research in Animal Ecology or Chemistry? Ask Madison!

Courtney Schill

Courtney is a junior majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Biology, Spanish, and French. She began her research at Iowa State during her sophomore year, where she worked on a zooarchaeology project with Dr. Matt Hill focused on the development of fetal flat-headed peccary remains from Peccary Cave, AR, to try to determine the cause and trajectory for extinction of this species. Additionally, Courtney has also worked on research cataloguing human remains excavated from an archaeological site in Mexico and collaborated in cross-disciplinary research studying sediment cores for a better understanding of climate change.

Have a question about undergraduate research with Anthropology, Biology, Spanish, or French? Ask Courtney!


Emily Hammer

Emily is a junior in Marketing and Management. She began her research experience at Iowa State through the First Year Honors Mentor Program where she worked with a professor to study the role CPAs play in cybersecurity. Now, Emily works as a research assistant in the Ivy College of Business Neuro Lab running EEGs and conducting eye tracking studies for professors.

Have a question about undergraduate research in Marketing and Management? Ask Emily!

Brennan McBride

Brennan participated in chemistry research during his time at Iowa State and was among 30 Iowa State students selected to present their research at the 33rd annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research in 2019.

Lauren Mellenthin

Lauren studied Animal Ecology and Environmental Studies. She participated in research with Dr. Dean Adams in the Macroevolutionary Morpholoy Lab since sophomore year. In this position, she studied the evolution of lungless salamander microhabitats. Previously, Lauren also completed an REU with The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago where she studied evolutionary correlations of diet type and morphology. 

Ben Dralle

Ben began his research at Iowa State through the First Year Mentor Program, where he studied childhood obesity. Since then, he has also completed research on lung cancer biology, childhood obesity, and health policy and presented his research at Obesity Week 2017, Research in the Capitol 2018, and Posters on the Hill 2018. He is now pursuing further studies at The Ohio State University College of Medicine.