UR Ambassadors

Undergraduate Research Ambassadors support the Undergraduate Research Program in its efforts to provide critical research opportunities to students at Iowa State. Ambassadors speak to campus organizations and classes about undergraduate research events and initiatives, represent undergraduate research at major campus events such as WelcomeFest or Orientation, assist with undergraduate research events such as the Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creative expression, manage undergraduate research social media accounts, and serve as a liaison for students interested in getting involved in undergraduate research.

Sound like something you're interested in joining?

The eligibility requirements for UR Ambassadors are:

  • Full-time Iowa State student
  • GPA of at least 3.00
  • Have completed at least 4 semesters at Iowa State
  • Have been involved with research for at least 2 semesters
  • Able to commit to a full academic year term
  • Demonstrate a willingness to learn more about undergraduate research programs and events
  • Effective public speaking and communication skills
  • Preferred: participation in an REU

If you're interested in developing your presentation and leadership skills, expanding your professional network, and helping support an undergraduate research initative at a Research One institution, UR Ambassadors are for you! Fill out the application below and send the reference link to your faculty mentor to apply.

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Our Undergraduate Research Ambassadors

Abigayle Moser

Abigayle is a junior studying Aerospace Engineering at Iowa State University. She aspires to earn a PhD and continue to pursue a dynamic research career, exploring machine learning concerning demand-response for smart energy grids. Currently, Abigayle studies various issues pertinent to energy opportunities within global sustainability, such as electrical grid stability and renewable energy resource availability. Her research began early in her academic career through the First-Year Honors Mentor Program, where she participated in experimental work in the Iowa State University Wind Tunnels. This soon led to an REU through Purdue University and study abroad to Peru for research on renewable energy systems. Her research portfolio has become diverse with machine learning and data analytics for resource analysis, particle image velocimetry (PIV), and utilizing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to explore complex flow fields.

Have a question about undergraduate research with Aerospace Engineering? Ask Abigayle!




Courtney Schill

Courtney is a senior majoring in Biology and Anthropology. She is interested in the evolutionary interactions that co-occur between humans and their microbial pathogens. Currently, Courtney works as a research assistant in Dr. McGills lab in the College of Vet Med where she uses mouse models to study the effect of vitamin deficiencies on respiratory viruses.

Have a question about undergraduate research with Anthropology or Biology? Ask Courtney!

Justin Squillo

Justin is a Senior majoring in Biology. He aspires to earn a PhD and continue to pursue research within academia. Currently, Justin works as an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Essner’s Lab in the department of Genetics, Development, and Cell Biology where he uses zebrafish as a model organism to study the effects of various genetic mutants on embryonic development and other traits.

Have a question about undergraduate research with Biology? Ask Justin!



Karine Holmes

Karine is a sophomore majoring in Meteorology and Geology. She began her research experience at Iowa State in the Stable Isotope Paleoenvironments Research lab during the first semester of her freshman year with Dr. Alan Wanamaker. She started milling stalagmites from the Columbian Andes to develop a Holocene proxy record of the El Niño Southern Oscillation, to which the rainfall is sensitive, in order to establish a broad understanding of its variability and forecast future climate extremes. This would help prepare communities for the effects it could have on local agriculture. Today, Karine is milling a shell from Norway to help construct a continuous paleotemperature record of the ocean over the past few hundreds of years through radiocarbon dating and stable isotope analysis.

Have a question about undergraduate research in Meteorology and Geology? Ask Karine!







Colin Wiersema

Colin is a sophomore majoring in Civil Engineering. He began his research career at Iowa State through the Freshman Honors Mentor Program, where he worked under Dr. Simon Laflamme to adapt sensors used in large scale structural monitoring for use in the biomedical field. Since then, Colin has continued working under Dr. Laflamme with the help of an REU grant through the National Science Foundation. Currently, Colin's research is focused on machine learning, specifically on the use of wavelet neural networks for use in real-time frequency estimation in order to better select hyperparameters in long short-term memory networks. In the future, Colin plans to continue research work in Civil Engineering, with the possibility of pursuing advanced degrees within the field.

Have a question about undergraduate research in Engineering? Ask Colin!