ISU Undergraduate Research Alumni Board

Lauren Mellenthin

Animal Ecology and Environmental Studies, 2019

Lauren studied Animal Ecology and Environmental Studies. She participated in research with Dr. Dean Adams in the Macroevolutionary Morpholoy Lab since sophomore year. In this position, she studied the evolution of lungless salamander microhabitats. Previously, Lauren also completed an REU with The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago where she studied evolutionary correlations of diet type and morphology. Lauren is now a graduate student at Yale University.

Brennan McBride

Chemistry, 2019

Brennan participated in chemistry research during his time at Iowa State and was among 30 Iowa State students selected to present their research at the 33rd annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research in 2019. Brennan is now a graduate student at Colorado State University.

Madison Perry

Animal Ecology, 2020

Madison majored in Animal Ecology with a minor in Chemistry. She conducted research in the EEOB department with Dr. Kevin Roe, where she ran PCR and gel electrophoresis on DNA samples to analyze differences in species of desert fish called Gambusia. In the past, she also helped analyze these fish based on physical appearances and worked in a limnology lab with the Large Lakes Observatory at University of Minnesota Duluth.

Emily Haberlack

Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, and Sociology, 2019

Emily studied Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, and Sociology. Her research experience at Iowa State began with the First Year Honors Mentor Program. Through that program, she was partnered with a professor in the Greenlee School of Journalism and Mass Communications. Throughout her research, Emily established a literature review to identify knowledge gaps regarding the role of empathy in communication and to identify research priorities to advance the use of empathy-arousing persuasive messages for science, environmental, health, and risk communication.

Mitchell Dalsing

Suppl Chain Management and Information Systems, 2020

Mitchell majored in Supply Chain Management and Management Information Systems. His research revolved around the application of data science to enhance supply chain management, specifically predictive material planning. He had internships in Business Intelligence and Software Development, but a lack of experience in supply chain management inspired Mitchell to pursue research opportunities in the field. After graduation, Mitchell secured a full-time position with Amazon.