Present Your Research

Presenting your research at a conference or other event is an important part of student researchers' professional development. These conferences provide opportunities for students to contribute to and learn about research happening in your field by engaging with fellow researchers. This can help build a professional network of researchers in your field as you progress through your studies and career.

Conferences also provide an opportunity to learn how to talk about your research and to advocate for its importance. Clear, effective communication skills are vital in all fields and especially regarding your research and conveying its impact and importance to diverse audiences. Representing your field of study through presenting your research is an important way of generating interest and support for your field among researchers in other disciplines, policy makers, and the general public.

Finally, presenting your research at a conference bolsters your resume and experiences as you apply for jobs and new opportunities. Showing your skill at presenting your research can make you a more competitive candidate for future positions or future research opportunities.

Students involved in undergraduate research at Iowa State University have many opportunities to present their research both on campus and across the country. Click on the links below for more information about undergraduate research conferences and presentations.

Presentation opportunities:

There are a wide variety of presentation opportunities available on campus, throughout Iowa and the United States, and around the world. Below is a short list of opportunities to help you find the best fit for your research.

Presentation Resources

If you've already identified an appropriate event and are looking for help preparing for your presentation, or if you are interested in publishing your research, visit our page on Presentation ResourcesAdditional resources to help prepare applications for research opportunities or events are also available on the Campus Resources page.